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Metal: 925 Sterling Silver and Bronze, Rhodium plated.
Gemstone: Black Onyx Stone
Wedding Anniversary: 7th and 10th
Birthstone: December
Astrology Zodiac Sign: Leo and Gemini


***Our custom unique wooden box is designed to protect your jewellery and serve as a luxurious gift box. It contains your jewellery cleaning cloth, and our certificate.

***Also, we can print any message that you want us to print on the wooden box.

***Custom Design : If you want to change or add something in design of this ring to make it unique I can make it for you. Please contact me should you have any questions or ideas about it.


*It is always safer to see a jeweler to have a more precise idea about your ring size. However, if it is not possible please look at our ring size chart in the pictures. There you can also find the size conversions.
*If your ring size is not in the variations, please check with us so we can work on that.


* US & UK: 1-3 business days
* Europe: 1-2 business days
* Australia & Canada: 2-4 business days
* Worldwide: 2-5 business days


While warrior rings are actually designed, they are designed with a completely sovereignty understanding. Symbols that men define as strength, gain and, of course, honor are blended with symbols.

The reason why the emphasis is more on power in the warrior men rings is that a hero is a person who lives and dies with honor- a warrior, and this has a place in all warrior rings.

In essence, this is the reason why immortal figures, immortal gods, heroes and warriors are included in warrior rings. In the rings, the man is a warrior, he is a fighter, and this is the emphasis.

Onyx Classy Silver Ring

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