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Metal: 925 Sterling Sİlver Rhodium plated & Gold Plated
Stone: Black Zircon


***Our custom unique wooden box is designed to protect your jewellery and serve as a luxurious gift box. It contains your jewellery cleaning cloth, and our certificate.

***Also, we can print any message that you want us to print on the wooden box.

***Custom Design : If you want to change or add something in design of this ring to make it unique I can make it for you. Please contact me should you have any questions or ideas about it.


*It is always safer to see a jeweler to have a more precise idea about your ring size. However, if it is not possible please look at our ring size chart in the pictures. There you can also find the size conversions.
*If your ring size is not in the variations, please check with us so we can work on that.


* US & UK: 1-3 business days
* Europe: 1-2 business days
* Australia & Canada: 2-4 business days
* Worldwide: 2-5 business days

Creation of the ancient Wheel of Wisdom (also known as the Wheel of Solomon) fortune-telling method is attributed to the famous King Solomon, who was distinguished by his extraordinary wisdom and insight. It has been used by many sages and magicians in the distant past to foretell the future. The divination technique has been popular for many centuries and has preserved to our days in the form in which it arose, allowing us to learn from its wisdom.

Blackcat'sjewel gives you the meaning and the properties of this gemstone ring.

Men's Solomon Ring

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